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politisex's Journal

my panties
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There has been misinformation spread about this community that I, as mod, would like to clear up:

1) There has never been any antisemitism here. Never. As in never ever.

2) The infamous "Nazi Pic Spam" was not glorified, as some claim, but rather deleted. There are some here who can appreciate the face of a person without thinking of their shady history; there are others for whom it's just not possible. Things are judged on a case-by-case basis, with input from the community always appreciated.

3) Suggestions from members are always welcome, and if you have an issue with something, take it up with me and I'll do my best to accommodate you. Non-members who have an issue with the community can scroll on by.

4) We don't actually sit around talking about how we hate Jews and POCs, contrary to what some think. In fact, we mostly just post pictures of English monarchs and Tucker Carlson fanfiction.

So, you can believe what others say, or you can actually join the community and find out for yourself what we're about.

If you're here to wank, please go elsewhere. We're here to have fun and be left alone.... and ogle sexy politicians.